Engineering 192

How to be an Effective Mentor Course Materials and Lecture Videos 

Developed and presented by Professor Gregory Pottie, this course is about the responsibilities and joys of teaching as an undergraduate mentor.

The course materials and lectures  provide practical guidelines for undergratuates to assist other students in the laboratory and during office  hours.   

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Nine lecture videos presented

by Professor Greg Pottie

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Unit 1: The Basics

  • Why and how to be an awesome mentor
  • Making students welcome
  • Public speaking
  • Lab section prep
  • One-on-one interactions     

Lecture Video 1

Unit 2: Structure of Knowledge

  • How concepts flow into each other within and across courses
  • Use of concept map for diagnosing and ameliorating student difficulties 

Lecture Video 2

Unit 3: Fostering Student Learning

  • How students learn
  • Encouraging effective learning habits
  • Barriers to learning
  • Student support services

Lecture Video 3

Unit 4: Inclusion and Decorum

  • How to be a role model for respectful and ethical behavior
  • Implicit Bias

Lecture Video 4

Unit 5 : Online Tools

  • Course management systems, forums, grading tools
  • Managing expectations for online availability
  • Remote labs and office hours 

Lecture Video 5

Unit 6: Team Dynamics

  • Group work and how to avoid freeloading
  • Detecting and reporting cheating

 Lecture Video 6

Unit 7: Grading Reports

  • Rubrics and style guides; how to grade quickly and fairly

 Lecture Video 7

Unit 8: Classroom Management & Emergency Preparedness

  • Managing difficult students
  • Identifying and getting access to space
  • Classroom set-up (EH&S standards)
  • Safety (Standard Operating Procedures, SDS)
  • What to do in the case of emergencies

 Lecture Video 8

Unit 9: Bonus Topic

  • Organizing Design Competitions

 Lecture Video 9