Through a grant from the Teagle Foundation and in partnership with the Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT), funding is available to support the development of new General Education classes and modify existing non-GE classes to qualify as GEs. Funding for new courses includes a $5000 stipend to the professor developing the new course, as well as funding for a one-quarter GSR to assist with the course. Funding for modifications to an existing course can be provided either as a faculty stipend or GSR support, but not both.

If the course proposal includes a plan for GSR support, a separate proposal must be submitted to the CAT IIP program to secure the additional funds. Proposals selected for funding through the Teagle Foundation may receive the requested GSR support either from the Teagle funds or IIP funds (if the IIP grant proposal is successful) or a combination of both.

Proposals should not exceed three narrative pages, including course goals, how it will satisfy GE requirements, and the specific tasks required to develop the course. Proposals should include a fourth page with a complete budget. Also, a letter from the department chair or division dean is required indicating that if created, the course will be offered at least once in the 2021-2022 academic year and a statement of good faith to continue offering the course if enrollments are reasonable.

Submit Proposal to Pilar O’Cadiz:

Due on same deadline as for IIP proposals to CAT

What makes for a successful Proposal?

Successful proposals create a GE class that brings engineering students together with students from non-engineering majors to form a diverse group of learners engaged in exploring a General Education topic while developing skills that are hallmarks of a liberal arts education.

To help engineering students find these new GE classes and similar existing GE classes, the Samueli School of Engineering is actively identifying groups of thematically aligned GE classes called GE Tracks.Proposal writers are encouraged to propose a new GE Track and should not be concerned about fitting the new class within an existing GE Track.

Professors interested in submitting a proposal for the Teagle funds are encouraged to discuss potential course proposals with Professor Richard Wesel, the UCLA Teagle Foundation grant Director. Even if an instructor is not contemplating proposing a new or modified course, those with ideas for new GE Tracks for engineers or other ideas for more collaboration on curriculum between engineering and non-engineering units are welcome to contact  Professor Wesel,